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For almost a decade we have been appointed the authorised service provider for the prestigious Cardiff University. Our role being responsible for the servicing and repair of printers and IT equipment such as PC/Ma/Tablet’s etc. Our goal being to provide a cost effective, quick and honest approach to repair-servicing which enables the University to carry on its daily work uninterruptedly.

We also provide equipment repair and servicing for students and the general public. Such as stationery, IT hardware and Software help and equipment hardware repair, consumables, paper products, and printing.

Please see our guide to University life below

A guide to University life

    If you're staying in halls of residence, apartments etc….  the information you will receive from your university should tell you what will be provided in your room. Many rooms will already have an information notice board, for example, so you may not need to buy one. Many students recommend taking only the bare minimum in terms of stationery, and then buying the rest as and when you need it after you've settled in.


    We are able to help you with these, as well as being cheaper than Tesco, Staples, WHSmiths etc…

A bag for your stuff
You'll want an everyday student bag for carting all your stuff around campus; something like a backpack or messenger bag will do fine.

Make sure it's waterproof, strong and durable. Make sure it has easy catches fastenings, and make sure that its big enough and strong enough to hold several large textbooks, folders, notepads, a water bottle and so on. Plus, make sure it has comfortable shoulder straps.

Most common stationery items:-

Notice board


Pack of cheap copy paper for printing

A4 (A5 -A3) paper / notebooks with tear out sheets

Jotter or reporter pad

Pen drive/memory stick


Permanent all-surf ers ace mark


High lighter pens


     Permanent all-surface markers




Pencil case

Pen pot (a coffee mug or flower pot will do)

White Tack or Blu-Tack



Hole puncher


Paper clips

Post-it notes or flag markers

A4 ring binders

Lever-arch folders


Paper/plastic wallets



        Calculator (especially if you're doing maths, but even if you're doing     English     literature)

Student planner/diary


Address book

Language dictionary (if relevant to your course)

International students might want to take an English phrase-book


        Passport photos. Take at least four, and keep some on you. Also  scan     some on     to your computer to get quick reproductions for less     (especially for ID that     doesn't really matter)


Driving licence (useful ID)

National Insurance number

NHS medical card

Details of your health insurance (overseas students)

        Details of your vaccination history (make sure you have up-to-date     vaccinations, especially for meningitis and measles, BEFORE you  arrive     and that you get a flu shot in the autumn term)

Insurance documents

Confirmation letters of your scholarship or bursary if appropriate

        Any information from your LEA, the SLC (Student Loans Company) or     Student Finance Direct

Your unconditional offer from the university

Any documents regarding your accommodation

Cheque book

Bank debit card

Paying-in book

Bank or building society details

Travel discount cards (16-25 Railcard etc). Great for cheap travel


CV and references

DBS check - applicant's copy (if required by your course)

Relevant exam certificates or results slips

Electrical items

    Before you pack any of this stuff, check what you're allowed to bring to     halls. Some universities may have very strict rules about electrical     equipment.

        Laptop. All universities will have public PCs available for students to use, but     most people find a laptop handy for personal use. Get one  that is light     enough to carry around campus with you.

    Extension leads. Surge protected ones offer additional protection  for     your kit

            Socket converter (if you are an international student) Laptop case/bag



        Small black and white printer. You will have access to printers in  the     university     library, but a small one in your room is always handy. You     can get     small/cheap ones at places like Tesco and Staples for under     £50 but check     the price of the replacement ink  cartridges

USB memory sticks

Packet of white copy paper

Ink (colour and black for inkjet, toner for laser)

Mobile phone



Digital camera


Small CD player

CDs & wallet/case

MP3 player/iPod

USB lead (charger)

Docking station

Alarm clock

Iron and ironing board (only if you aren't in halls)


Water bottle - cheaper than buying bottled water.

Hold all or ' weekend at home' bag

Handbag for nights/days out


Small sewing kit

Books/novels (fiction/non-fiction)

Musical instrument(s)